Experience This simplifies brand activations and empowers your marketing strategy with clear results

There’s a better way to manage your brand activations

We work with hundreds of brands, agencies, and venues to help manage brand activations, and we always hear the same thing.

Without Experience This, brand activations are:

  • Highly manual for sales & marketing teams
  • Lacking clear data when it comes to results & ROI
  • Prone to error, with significant ensuing costs to businesses and venues
  • Lacking sustainability, with limited re-use of assets
  • Lacking impact, due to the need to keep things simple
  • Lacking reach

There’s a better way to manage your brand activations

If you are looking to improve your brand experiences, get a better ROI from your brand activations, and save your team from the tedious aspects of managing brand activity, you are in the right place!

With Experience This, activations:

  • Are more efficient for sales & marketing teams
  • Have clear data when it comes to results and ROI
  • Are less prone to error, with significant savings for your business
  • Are more sustainable, by enabling the recycling of assets
  • Are more effective, by enabling consistent, sophisticated execution
  • Are scalable

Customisable technology that enables brands to activate consistently and efficiently


Engage your network

Upload a one stop shop of activations to empower your internal teams, external partners or even your B2B customers with the ability to book and manage sales & footfall driving activity with ease.

  • Set and track targets
  • Put in place control settings
  • Drive the right activity through our personalised software.

Easy & Effective Execution

Our tech makes it easy:

  • Promote the activation with imagery, previous reviews and uplift data
  • Pre-load all the elements of the activation to ensure compliant, effective execution
  • Flexible setting options suit various scales and types of activations
  • Accurate availability helps to eliminate any errors in the planning process
Request Dashboards

Data led decisions

You have the option to control investment decisions with easy access to the forecasted activation performance KPIs, in one centralised location.

  • Make quicker and better informed decisions
  • Accurately forecast results of your activation
  • Control spend to invest in the right opportunities
Automated Booking Flow

Automated organisation

Gone are the days of manual briefs, our automated software provides a single hub to manage agencies and facilitators

  • Turn the manual nature of organising activations into a seamless experience for you and your team
  • Each stakeholder automatically receives the request with details of what they need to do
  • Streamline the communication chain with automated notifications to approve spend, action deliveries,  staff and promote events, and even review activation performance
Data dashboard

Learn & Evolve

A data dashboard is generated from your booking data so you can see your performance KPIs and costs in one central location.

Track data like:

  • Volume, Value & ROI per activation
  • Activation feedback & photos
  • Sales team performance
  • Best performing venue partners

What our clients say