Brand activation made manageable & measurable

Digitise your experiential and customer marketing processes to enable efficient and effective brand experiences at every touchpoint.

Brand Experiences

Brand experiences build brands

It’s becoming increasingly hard for brands to stay relevant by only selling their physical goods. 

They need to create meaningful ways for consumers to experience their brand.

A good brand-in-hand experience is the most effective way to build brand advocacy.

Done well, brand experiences:

  •  Are the no. 1 most successful marketing tactic (Agency EA)
  •  Drive an 85% purchase intention (Event Marketer)
  •  Cause 70% of consumers to become loyal customers (EMI)
  •  Have a 4:1 ROI (The Drum)

Manual processes are insufficient

Brand activations are traditionally activated by spreadsheets, email chains, and warehouse ordering systems.

This means they are:

  • Highly manual for sales & marketing teams
  • Lacking clear data when it comes to results & ROI
  • Prone to error, with significant ensuing costs to businesses and venues
  • Lacking sustainability, with limited re-use of assets
  • Lacking impact, due to the need to keep things simple
  • Unscalable
Sustainable Growth

Expectations have evolved

With the current climate, Marketing Managers are under continued pressure to deliver significant ROI from their budgets.

Additionally, through the rise of digitisation, expectations for experience from consumers, customers and even in-house teams have escalated. It’s time to evolve antiquated processes to enable smooth, seamless experiences.

Brand Experiences

Consistency is key

Every single interaction with your brand needs to be consistent. 

Those that can’t execute consistently risk losing the 86% of consumers who will disown a brand after only two bad experiences.

Customer Experience

B2B customers are your shop window

It’s therefore not enough to do one-off, large scale events.

Brands, more than ever, need to be focused on supporting their customers to drive sales out, in addition to sales in. 

This means supporting their B2B customers with easy & effective solutions for mutual growth:

  • Training & Advocacy
  • Visibility Items
  • Events & Consumer Experiences
  • Digital Assets & Promotional Mechanics

It's time to digitise antiquated processes & future proof for success

Effective Spend

Technology that empowers efficient, effective execution

Customisable technology that enables brands to activate consistently and efficiently.

  • Empowers you to engage your salesforce and distributors with a suite of targeted, tailored execution
  • Enables you to execute efficiently and effectively
  • Enhances brand advocacy
  • Enables brands to reach and engage outlets digitally – with the option to allow them to self-book your support
Effective Spend

Get the most out of your spend

Scale your brand experience whilst also improving:

  • Consistency:  A leading brand grew 4.8% market share by activating a calendar of consistent occasions via our technology
  • Productivity: Our clients save 1 day a week per user
  • Marketing ROI:  Our clients have seen an ROI increase up to 3.1x  
  • Sustainability: Our tech enables clients to sweat existing assets, rather than create new, enabling a predicted 10% reduction on production and storage costs.

Case Studies

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